Simply put , our passion for best leather bag, Leather Manufacturer's Patience, Sana's Scribble, Artisan's Integrity - came together at the right time - and the result is SANAS.

" Dream of things that never were, and ask why not? "

It was 2016 Spring, Sana turned 1, just started walking and started calling her dad "Pappa". I Wanted a Leather Bag made of best leather possible and the one that is made to last longer than my lifetime and can be left behind as a legacy to Sana. 

I started asking my friends and they laughed at me and said it is "IMPOSSIBLE" to find a company that can meet all my requirements.

"Opposite Of Courage is Conformity"

I took this as a challenge and decided to learn how to build that leather bag by myself and started reading books to learn about types of leather, types of bags and the process of constructing leather bags. 

If you Judge those who are Real - you will end up Loving those who are Fake. " 

After learning about the Leather Tanning process at a detailed level, I realized that many companies who have been selling bags made of Chrome Tanned Leather and claiming it as the best leather. In reality, Chrome Tanning is the cheapest way to produce leather, this process only uses chemicals, takes less than week produce and also very harsh on the environment.

Many companies also claim they love the imperfections on the grain side ( outside) of the leather. In reality, there are Leather Grades which determine the quality of the leather-based on how much imperfections exist on the leather. Grade A - minimum to no imperfection, Grade B - moderate imperfections that are not noticeable from a distance, Grade C - with noticeable imperfections and holes. Many companies buy lower grade leather to save cost and claim they love imperfections and they suggest their customers love those imperfections as well. 

" If you can Imagine it, you can Achieve it. "

I decided that I wanted a bag made out of only Full Grain Buffalo skin as it is known for its Rarity , superior flexibility,  luxurious soft touch and yet extremely durable and he wanted it to be Vegetable Tanned Leather , which means it is tanned with natural vegetable tree bark using a very long and ancient tanning technique, taking more than 40 days to produce, making it the most environmentally friendly leather tanning process and the resulting in luxurious leather with very superior qualities to hold its shape and the beauty it gains as it ages over time. I Worked with many Tanneries around the world until I found one who can make the perfect Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather meeting all his specifications and can make it consistently in all exotic colors I wanted.



Then I took the challenge of bag design, as I value the quality products in their purest form and decided to turn this personal project into a business launch and serve those like-minded people with the best hand made products, made out of rarest leather and highly durable to last a lifetime. 


Where did SANAS name and Logo come from ?

So the business needed a name , after brainstorming hundreds of potential names and not satisfied, I looked at his inspiration in life ... my daughter "SANA" and realized what can be a better name and mascot for this business than the source of the inspiration her self - SANA ?

I added an extra letter at the end of his daughter's name to give it a better sound and make it a palindrome word (spelled the same backwards and forwards) which give the brand name a more symmetric look. 

At that moment a new Company was born :  SANAS . 


Although the original logo and mascot were very eye catchy and I even managed to hide a secret message in the mascot, I did not think it has the elegance I was looking for to represent the luxury brand I wanted to launch. I was looking for a more simple and elegant logo. 

That evening my and my daughter SANA at that time a 2-year-old were playing and doodling together and SANA scribbled an angel like shape on a paper as part of her play. 


The idea that "this shape can be the logo for the SANAS brand ", hit me like a lightning bolt. After all - what can be a better logo for SANAS brand than the drawing SANA her self made? Every time I am faced with a dead end problem I look at SANA and one way or the other She helps me through it. 

I turned that scribble into a logo and Inspired from Louis Vuitton canvas, I also wanted a SANAS canvas but one that blends more closely with the main logo than how the Louis Vuitton canvas is a gathering of totally independent icons.

I spent several nights using the parts of the original logo and rearranged in several different combinations and arrangements to form three more icons so that they can be arranged in a canvas format similar to that of Louis Vuitton. Here is the result of that labor. 


SANAS Canvas pattern icons are in one of a kind creative harmony with its main logo , because they are made out of parts from the main logo.

SANAS received compliments from several designers that in their opinion SANAS brand canvas pattern design is superior, from a design perspective than the original Louis Vuitton Brand Canvas pattern.


I spent almost 2 years collecting rarest materials and perfecting the craft and designs of the bag and the brand, It is 2018 and time to launch the business and let the world experience SANAS. 

" Greatness is to stand out from the crowd. "

SANAS stands out With 3 Core Values. 


Proof : Made with Rare Murrah Buffalo Skin, 100% Vegetable Tanning Process, 100% Full Grain Layer, Finest Grade Leather, Top of the Line Hardware, Multiple Quality checkpoints.


 Proof : 100% handcrafted including tanning, cutting, Sewing and hand riveting over 15 days to construct each masterpiece to ensure every SANAS product not only looks stunning but also will last 100 years.

SANAS Brand 3 Core Values are summarized into One  Promise -  " ONE OF ONE LIKE YOU". 


 " Who SANAS Loves to Serve ? "

We know we cannot be everything for everyone. 

If you are tired of using low-quality leather goods,

" those which do not last long, those which do not help you stand out from the crowd, those which cost you more money over time "

and looking for a once in a lifetime investment on the highest quality, luxurious, durable companion leather product, which you want to love owning for the rest of your life and be proud of to pass it along as your legacy to your next generations!

Then You wanna own SANAS products and We Love to bring your imaginations to life. 



 There is no more important need when you are investing on the best bag you ever owned ... to know it will last as long as your lifetime and will last longer to pass it down as an Heirloom to your next generations. 


 With more and more models adding every year ...  unique exterior Marvel Leather, exclusive Interior Suede Leather Lining, There is no other brand which can offer the choices SANAS offers. 


 Your Choice of leather and model gives every option you need to make your masterpiece as unique as you are and Truly "ONE OF ONE LIKE YOU".


 Diamond is Forever ... SANAS is for a Lifetime.

 We believe the best way to express your love is to make one of SANAS Bags for your loved one, which is made for them they can use it every day, and it lasts all their life. 


 We Could not agree more. At SANAS we believe "We can make a living by what we Get, We make a Life by What We Give."

 With Your SANAS Bag Purchase, You will be Feeding 10 Hungry Kids. What better way to make a purchase than knowing for sure the WHY behind the product is better than the Product itself?


I am very confident that SANAS Brand continues to innovate new leather materials and hardware standards, craftsmanship techniques to push what they believe is possible, compete with what they are capable of, as well as pushing the leather industry's boundaries and keep its promise.

Its Time to "Express Your Uniqueness".

 Finally, after 2 years of labor, a personal learning project turned into a SANAS Brand bags made of our best Full grain Buffalo vegetable tanned leather are launched.

" Key to Living is Giving. "

 At SANAS, we believe, we can make a Living by what we Get, but we can only make a Life by what we Give.

Personally coming from a below middle-class family, where my entire family lived with $2 per month income of their father, while I was growing up, No one understands better than me, what it means to be hungry and not being able to focus on education with an empty stomach.

While working on preparing for my higher education, away from his Family, I had to depend on meals donated by a charity organization. Every day for 6 months I used to travel an hour to get to that location on time for the lunch, where they donate food to homeless people. If it was not for those people who donated those meals and those with big enough hearts who lend me Thousands of Dollars worth of money at an 18-year-old age with nothing but a passion to succeed in Life, so that I could buy my first flight ticket to go to school, the story you read above would not have happened.

There is nothing more fulfilling to me than paying it forward. 

I would say  " If there is one legacy I want to leave behind for our Daughter Sana , it is this cause to feed as many children as we possibly can in our lifetime and the ambition to end ' Childhood Hunger '. We know this goal is much bigger than ourselves and we want to lead her by example so that she can continue this journey after us. "


SANAS sincerely welcomes you to join us in this journey to produce the best of the rarest leather products at affordable prices and Take on the challenge to fight against the "Childhood Hunger".

Together we can do our part of making this planet a better place for our next generations.