At SANAS , we believe , we can make a Living by what we Get, but we can only make a Life by what we Give.

Personally coming from a below middle class family , where their entire family lived with $2 per month income of their father, while Kiran was growing up, No one understands better than Kiran, what it means to be hungry and not being able to focus on education with an empty stomach.

While working on his Visa to Germany , away from his Family, Kiran had to depend on meals donated by a Krishna Temple in Hyderabad, India. Every day for 6 months he used to travel an hour to get to that temple on time for the lunch, where they donate food to homeless people. If it was not for those people who donated those meals and those with big enough hearts who lend him Thousands of Dollars worth of money at an 18 year old age with nothing but a passion to succeed in Life , so that Kiran could buy his first flight ticket to land in Germany, the story you read above would not have happened.

There is nothing more  fulfilling to Kiran than paying it forward. 

Kiran Says " If there is one legacy Me and Shilpa want to leave behind for our Daughter Sana , it is this cause to feed as many children as we possibly can in our lifetime and the ambition to end ' Childhood Hunger '. We know this goal is much bigger than ourselves and we want to lead her by example , so that she can continue this journey after us. "